Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pretty Little Things

Here are some 'Pretty Little Things' growing around my house....... kiss me pink flowers, orange bead berries, speckled pecan shells, and glistening green figs.
 A sweet little birdhouse on my fence post and this one branch is bright red. Maybe the bird is an artist!
 Fork & Spoon dilemma, I have this great picture set of fork and spoons and I have super sized fork and spoon that I want to place somewhere near the pictures. I am leaning toward putting them on top of them, but do I face them in or out?  The wall is very tall, but it has angles that vary and this was the best place visually to place the pictures, eye level. I moved them all around and this worked for me.
Why am I decorating? I should be painting something!!!!


  1. i think i'd do one above and one below going in opposite directions. of course, i would draw the shape of both, cut out and figure out what placement is best. i am so anal about getting it right the first time !!

  2. Thank you Patsy, I will play with that idea!

  3. You won't believe it, but someone came in the side door near this fork and spoon display and shut the door too hard accidentally and they crashed to the floor! boo hoooooooo....I will have to search for another set : (

  4. I tried to post this, but will try again. I was going to suggest you hang the fork and spoon horizontally above the pictures, but just read the update. Too bad!! Cute idea on the egret; did you paint that yourself?