Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Mint Green Cottage Lake-y Kitchen

I can't stop thinking about the kitchen in the new house. I want it to be cottage style, old fashioned, charming and a little Lake-y. I don't want it to look drap or colorless. I love White cabinets, so I am sure the cabinets will get painted. I found some green fish glass knobs and I want the counter top to be light in color and interesting. I found some minty green tiles to use as accent and maybe blend them with pale tumble stone tiles.

I adore this kitchen:
kit2.jpg (image)

This was sent to me by my friend Carlotta, who totally "gets" what I am looking for!

Or how about this stove??

Why be boring when you can be imaginative and get the look you really want!

I love the saying that Antonio Ballatore uses as a slogan for his show The Antonio Treatment http://www.antonioballatore.com/the-antonio-treatment/ "Go Big or Go Home!"

Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Lake Cottage & Decorating DIY blogging!

Hello to all! I have the best news ever! I am buying a house in lovely Clarksville VA on Kerr Lake. It is a fixer upper for sure, but an adorable Lake Cottage in the making. I will be embarking on a DIY mission of remodeling and decorating while working, getting ready for school to start and taking classes. It will be a challenge but I am very grateful to have a chance to own my own home again and make it a darling little Lake Cottage.

I moved in with my folks about 1 year ago on Lake Gaston NC and I have been searching for the right home for myself and my 8 year old son Hudson. There are many beautiful areas around the lake, but not much for kids to do. I felt a little lost at times not knowing where we should plant our feet. Last January my kitty cat Pocahontas who was 20 years old, became ill and it was time for her to part with us. I was recommended to a vet in Clarksville VA about 40 miles away. The minute I pulled into the town, I fell in love. It was on the water, had old Victorian houses and lots of charm. Everyone in the town was nice and pleasant. I knew that is where I wanted to be. It took a few contracts and a few months, but we found a great deal on a little white Victorian and plan to settle on August 15th.

In the mean time, I am scouring the design books, online blogs and thinking of my own colors and plans and can't wait to get started on our new adventure. My Mom will be my co-planner on this venture as she has a vested interest in the property. She and I are at far ends of the color wheel, so to speak, but we an compromise on practicality and whimsy and meet in the middle.

Here are the interior shots of the house for a start so you can see where we have to focus on the worst parts first.

Kitchen: Paint cabinets, new counter tops, new flooring, new knobs. Keeping old stove : )

New Bathroom: Tear out walls, new toilet, floor, paint, sink, tile. I can use that old sink for a bird bath like I saw on http://www.hgtv.com/outdoor-rooms/create-a-birdbath-from-a-salvaged-sink/index.html

Second Bath, try to salvage tiles and tub, clean, new floor, new toilet.

Here is some information about Clarksville: http://clarksvilleva.com/clarksville/history/

Please follow me on my journey of re-established BLISS!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

New Ideas Blossom, and then Fade....

As creative people, we get so busy that we can think of a creation, make it oogle over it and forget it in a minute. I made these earrings from mulberry paper flowers, I had the idea to cut out the shape of a butterfly wing, paint it and use it as the card for the earrings. The wing could then be used as a decorative ornament. I took pictures of them, wore them, stared at them and admired my brilliant plan to start a jewelry line, but to no avail, after making about 30 or so of them, here they sit in a big pile of PRETTY, doing nothing. A month has gone by, maybe even 2 and I just noticed them today that they have not been promoted, listed, priced, or even given any attention from the moment they were created. Have they lost their luster, their newness without even been given a chance of fame? What to do with them now?
I am on a wing and a prayer...