Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Transform & Renew

It is so wonderful to see a room that has been transformed. I didn't take many pictures of the dining room in it's BEFORE state, but this one below.

Not sure if you can see the cork floor in the above picture, but it was cork and we pulled that up and about 1000 nails with it and exposed the pine floor underneath that had been preserved and ready for a renewal. 

 All that it needed was a little cleaning, a light coat of poly and a few nail holes plugged and it is absolutely AFTER! The room is long it measures 8X15, just big enough for the dining table and chairs and maybe a buffet.
 I can't wait to decorate this room, I am planning on Pink & Green.

 I love the feeling of old hard wood floors under my feet as I twirl around the room and daydream.
There is a natural beauty in wood floors that can't be replaced by any other surface. They look warm and inviting and I am always ready to lift the initial surface in an old house to see if a treasure lies beneath. 

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