Thursday, May 26, 2011

From Basic Buffet to Shabby Blacktastic Vintage Makeover!!!

I bought this buffet on Craigslist and I had a plan. I wanted to take this piece to a new vintage level and after being inspired by my friend Amanda's vintage style on

I knew I wanted to do something with birds and a black and jute color tone.

I began my Shabby Black Vintage makeover.
I wanted the buffet to look worn and painted like it had always been that color and faded over time. I painted it black and tan. I left a few shadow corners un-painted to give the idea that the piece had been painted in a time where the farm wife only had a few minutes to slap some paint on it before dinner guests arrived and she had farm chores and canning to attend to.


After all the base painting was done, I started to distress the piece with a sander and chipped away edges and corners exposing the wood underneath. the more it chipped, the better.

I painted the bird motifs on the doors and lightly sanded those to show a time worn look.

I added glass knobs and vintage handles to make the piece more interesting and charming.

Voila!!! A buffet of style, vintage & artistic renderings!

I loved it so much that I added some vintage relics to display on the shelves

I painted the bird nest on the plate & I made the number block.

A wren tangled in her burlap nest set atop a spool & a croquet head look so vintage together!