Monday, November 21, 2011

Back Porch Floor & Ghosts Detecting!

I just finished up my black and white checkered floor on the back porch, using duck tape to mask out my squares, when I got a call from an old friend who wanted to come and visit and see the house.

The visitor brought along a neat little app for the Droid called an EMF detector (Electromagnetic Field) or Ghost Finder. Since the house is so old, it must have some ghost activity???

After the back porch was all decked out in new curtains, a few decorations and a fabulous new floor it was time to unwind and detect ghosts. The meter was lit up all evening, shouting out random words that summed up our conversations and revealing one word thoughts we weren't saying out loud. It was very fun!

 Here is the finished floor and the gorgeous curtains. Notice any interesting shadows? The hanging Teapot chime is EXTRA large.
 I used a letter block to hold up my spring rods. I wanted curtains that could be easily removed in summer.
I made these sweet letter blocks in black and white polka dots. T for Traci and J for my daughter Jordan.
The evening was perfect for reminiscing and ghost listening.
 I scored this vintage Star at the thrift store for FREE, they were throwing it out and I think it works great for a soft glow. I set it in a netted food basket.
 The entrance into the kitchen from the new floor needed a little something....Cottage felt right.
Was the visitor real or a ghost, who knows, but I have a fond memory of a finished room!

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