Sunday, November 13, 2011

Down & Dirty!

I swear I was just picking at the wallpaper and next thing you know, the mantel was down, the floor boards lifted and there was a very dirty fireplace that needed to be cleaned out! It's a dirty job, but somebody had to do it!
 I looked all over for that hidden box of money, but no luck. I am a fan of keeping something like this intact and having a industrial look, but the fireplace isn't that attractive and the bricks are very crumbly. I have never seen a fireplace like this, it had a wood base and then a sand pit. There was about 2 feet of ash in there and some fell out of the top when we hit it with a shovel.
 I look pretty good as a Coal Miner.
 This is going to be Hudson's room. There will be new drywall over the fireplace and between the two closet doors. I will put insulation in the fireplace and the chimney is already roofed over, so it can never be a fireplace. Plus, I need a good center wall for the Great White Shark Mural. The wallpaper comes off pretty easy for the rest of the room to be primed and painted. It just takes water and a scraper.
 My hands looked like something coming out of a crypt!

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