Friday, November 4, 2011

Illusions of wood & rope

Just a little neat idea that actually worked, involving roped wood trim. When you need an edge to a tiled counter top and you are on a budget, this works! I took wooden rope trim that you can buy at the hardware store and painted it to match the tile color in the kitchen. I attached it to the counter with liquid nails, then I grouted it when I grouted the rest of the counter top. Unlike regular tile pieces that has sections about 12 inches apart or less, this has a continuous flow. I LOVE IT! It looks just like tile. It is much more affordable as well.
 Pretty with the sink and faucet!
 Kitty says it is Puuuuuurfect!
Oh, I has some left over, so I added it to one of my fireplace mantels. I also added these sweet little birds that are old home interior, they were brown and plastic, but now they have been re-purposed into carved wooden birds. Maybe I am an Illusionist, I make wood look like tile and plastic look like wood!

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