Friday, November 4, 2011

Dreams Do come True

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Heidi Grove Corbin, she has been reading all my posts and interacting with me and waiting, patiently....for my very over due posting. Thank you Heidi!
 A few years ago, I got these little green frogs from a friend. I loved them and knew I wanted to do something with them. They are fragile, so I wrapped them in a brown paper bag and stored them away. They made it through a move, got crammed in a box, tossed around, forgotten.....
 I recently rediscovered them when I was unpacking some things. When I looked at them, it hit me, I picked my kitchen wall color paint out, not even remembering these frogs, but they inspired me to go for that perfect green hue that I was so attracted to.
 It is all coming together, the green glass frogs, the green glass tiles, the green on the walls! Sometimes, you hold on to something for a long time because you are eventually going to put it to use for it's intended purpose. Don't give up on your initial ideas, as they are sometimes, the best ideas!
 You know I love roses....I love these vintage roses from Italy. So Precious!
 I found this old glass jar on a shelf in this house and I use it to hold my Sweet Tea! Yummy! As I sip my tea I want to share some wonderful new music I discovered. I love new fresh music and this group is so sweet.
They are called "The Littlest Birds" 

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