Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tiling Kitchen Counter

I spent the past 3 days tiling the kitchen counters. It was a mixture of proudness, frustration and ah-ha moments. I am very proud of my accomplishment, but I didn't believe it would turn out as nice as it did while I was in the process. I was using a basic tile cutter and there is a fine line between not enough water and too much water. I got sparks with too little water and with too much water, I got sprayed with a mixture of water and tile shards. It gave new meaning to the word 'microdermabrasion.'

Ah-ha, I reap the rewards of my labor....I have a new tiled counter top that is very pretty and I can't believe that I actually did it!  I made mistakes and I will be even better at tile on my next project.

Don't you just love my tupper-ware mortar bucket! It was difficult lining up the diamonds and determining where to start the pattern.

I used a neutral beige tile and blended in green glass tiles for a decorative accent. I wanted to blend antiquity with modern elements such as the glass tiles and the brighter colors mixed into the counter top. I chose a design that I felt was elegant and subtle. A diamond pattern with a hint of color in a whimsical speckle of a floral motif, and a border of green glass tiles to frame it in. ( the big gaping hole is for the sink)
A diamond pattern is more challenging than square.

I am not showing the "Full Reveal" but you can see a glimpse of the countertops!   

I want knobs to match the green, I have a few of the left over glass tiles and some old wooden knobs that came off the original cabinets, hmmmm. What can we do with this?           


I cut them in half to form a narrow base and will paint them white, and glue the tiles on top.   
L@@k! new green glass knobs!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Countertop & Old School Tools

If you see my tools, you won't believe the work I have accomplished with them. I say it is 'OLD SCHOOL', but that is just a clever way of saying you don't have nice equipment or new skills! HaHa! The drill is electric, but it doesn't reverse, which is difficult when trying to work quickly. It will send the screws in, but if you have to back it out to get it in tighter, you have to use a regular screwdriver. I was driving in 3 inch wood screws! Eeeeek!

Things we can never find when we need them:
The right headed screwdriver
Measure tape
Wire Cutters

Get a tool box!!! Helloooo! That would be a start.

 Regardless, I get the job done, anyway, anyhow.....

 I wanted to extend the counter top to accommodate a dishwasher. So I built a frame, a top and a back splash to get it ready to tile.

I did re-use 2X4's, pulled the extremely long nails out of them.

I just absolutely can not wait to TILE!

Monday, October 10, 2011

All jacked up & dontcha think it's fate?

Interesting title? Well, let me explain, first of all, I just can't believe that I actually found faded pink roses in my yard! Look how sweet & beautiful they are!
The jacked up part? Oh, girls, you are gonna love this! Don't ever believe that just because you are a girl that you are limited by your abilities when it comes to strength. If you can't lift it yourself, think....what can you use? Your brain! What can lift a heavy item for you besides a strappin man, ( when there isn't one around)
A JACK! That is right, I actually pulled my car jack out to lift the cast iron kitchen sink out of it's place!
I used the paint bucket as a surface to jack up the sink!

Where did it go?
There it is...jacked up and moved out! Make way for a new light weight acrylic sink. Don't get me wrong, I love antique sinks, but this one was rusted and scratched and not pretty. I have plans to use it for a utility sink for rinsing brushes.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vintage Halloween Ideas!

I am still working away on the house, but I thought I would share some of my front porch decorations. I love using different colors rather than the orange and black. I like the white pumpkins and even paint pumpkins soft pink for that shabby chic look.

This is a Cinderella Pumpkin and I love the greenish brown color. I didn't paint this one, because I plan on eating it when the season is over. These are so sweet and make the best Pumpkin Pies!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back & Forth

Sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward. In this case I am referring to the unfinished work that was needed in the kitchen before I proceeded to the other rooms. With every room in the house in a state of repair, I need to finish a few rooms to have peace of mind. I really want to finish the kitchen.

I had plans for a black & white tile floor, but could not find what I wanted in my price range, so I started to investigate the current floor that was covered in Ugly. I peeled back the sub floor and found a gorgeous hardwood floor. It may not be perfect all over, I will find out.

I think this will do! It isn't easy work, there are a load of nails in this floor and the sub floor is particle board that breaks uneven. Back breaking....feel sorry for me yet? My 'to do' list looks like a book! 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hardy Board, Hard Work!

  While the hardy board was being cut, I was in charge of screwing each board down. This will be the master bath. The claw foot tub will be set by the window and I took a few moments to start to repaint it silver.

Then I had to do one more very unpleasant thing.... I had to go up in the attic through a small crawl space & hold the roof vent as we cut the pipe once more to finish off the connection for the sewer venting.

They roofed over the chimney!