Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All That Glitters is not Gold, but it's pretty!

My chandelier, is finally up, I didn't have all the right things to attach it to the ceiling, but I took a few of this and a little of that and made it work. The ceiling plate is a copper wall hanging that I painted white. A few of the crystals are missing, but this is still a gorgeous glittery girl!
Another thing that glitters and they are gold, is my dog Summerwheat's pretty eyes! She is basking in the warm sunlight that hits the fireplace hearth that I tiled out of left over tile pieces. a mosaic design that has the colors of sand and a few splashes of aqua glass. The place I work kindly donated them to me, but you could collect your own pieces from habitat restores, or home improvement stores or even tile stores that may have a collection of 'leftovers' from jobs. Just mix it up and make it GLITTER!

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