Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Decorative Accents

Sometimes you just need a little something extra to spice up a room with tall ceilings. Here I have painted a decorative motif that looks soft and aged over an arch way.

Need a little color but don't want to do the whole room? How about a "HOT" chili pepper red paint added to accent walls in a tall room with lots of light.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to the Pink and the Roses

I have some great projects I have been working on. I love cutting up old bed posts and making things out of them. Here are a few finials that I have completed. I also found this pile of what i call, vintage ice, dripping with beads and pearls. I imagine it must have been off a beautiful bridal gown or a vintage hat. Dreamy....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Painted Furniture

I love to paint wood, any color that is pastel or pink, add roses or shabby it up, and distress it. Great idea for cottages and guest houses, or for your own home.

Vintage coffee pot Chimes

I took a Vintage coffee pot and added some hanging vintage silver ware and painted it and added beads to the wire.

I took a Vintage coffee pot and added some hanging vintage silver ware and painted it and added beads to the wire.

Mural at the Lake

This Mural is inside a boat house on Lake Gaston, NC. The entire room is a mural, underwater with fish and a fisherman.


Here is a ceiling I did at a B & B in Virginia. It had a round center, with dark blue paint, gold stars and the owner's horses portraits painted in a whimsical fashion. There were 4 quadrants in each corner with fox heads done in a look of old world carved stone and each season was represented, spring, summer, winter, fall.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Mural

What fun I have had in the past few weeks painting! It is rare I get to do a large mural and I was lucky enough to find a client that requested a Garden Mural in a Hallway of their Bed and Breakfast. After studying garden magazines and books from the library I mapped out a plan. Rose Arbor here, birdhouse there, clouds, sky and a sign that reads Garden Room with vine letters and a cartouche.

I started at the bottom and worked my way upwords and adjusted my composition as I went along. The biggest trick to painting a mural is to step back away from your work periodically and look at it from far away. That helps put things in prospective. It is very physical work, even though it appears like you may be sitting still in one spot for hours. But you have to hold certain poses and be steady and you have to use your balance and have muscle control. Your eyes get weary, your back and neck stiff, but the reward is grand.

A quote from one of my favorite artists and muralist Graham Rust

"From Cottage to Castle, there is always a place for a mural decoration; it can transform darkness into light, the humdrum into the exotic; it can lift the spirits of the meanest room and visually transport the occupants into another world."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I lost my heart in Paris

I have a sale coming up February 6th from 10-3, I will be selling pink romantic things and a lot of my own personal items. I will have jewelry for sale by Simply Silver, sterling silver, and some other items from crafty friends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Interior Painting work and Design

I have a business where I paint and decorate the interior of houses. My services include color choice help, paint style and faux finishing and murals. I am posting some before and after pictures. I just finished painting a tasting room at a Vineyard. My level of painting is very broad as I am a fine art painter and can also just paint regular walls and trim too.

I offer free estimates and color selection help. I will even go with you to the paint store and help with decorating advice.

I can work with you to help decide the colors you would like to see to enhance your comforts of home.