Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sea Cabin, a-'Head' of the Rest

I will not tell you that this bathroom was an easy remodel. The design came to me naturally. Picturing a Captain's Quarters, or Sea Cabin below deck with rough boards, sand and sea stones. The idea had to equal an outcome, which is usually my artistic challenge.This image explains how I was feeling.....
I will show you some before pictures so you can see the transform....
The tub looks pretty good, so we are keeping it, but the plastic tiles gotta go!
Very small area for a sink, and I want to keep the cute side closet!

The floor has black paper and glue stuck on it, yuck! Hope the mortar will stick to it ???

Hudson & Mom helping out
Hardy panel getting installed

Starting to lay tile floor....

I tried my hand at cutting the tile with a grinder... not sure I liked it. It was hard to hold onto and it did great with chewing away the tile, but not good for straight cuts. A little water helped smooth the process. Curved cuts, it was great. Be very careful, you have to really hold onto it when it is spinning.

Uh-oooooo, this is where something went terribly wrong.....What brings up glued floor paper? Mortar does!!!!

Let's try again after the great Scrape and clean up!

This is going to be our sink, an antique sewing machine cabinet. Wait for it, wait for it......

The sink hole is cut, tiling the top to match the shower stall.

 I will spare you all the details of the trial and errors that I faced. Unlike the rest of the house, there was no immediate need to have the bath finished, so it took some time to complete, worked on it when I had time and or supplies. I still have some tweaking to do. The faucet is too short and I need to touch up some paint, but for the most part, it is DREAMY....
 I used reclaimed wood from this house to color match the glass tiles. I placed them in random order and wanted a distressed look. The tiles start just above the wood for a visual effect. It might be too much for some, but I like it.

 Here is the sink in place.It had to be tiny and I wanted to keep the closet. I used an antique light that looked very nautical. I still need some more light in the room, so I may as something else. I kind of like the softness in there.
 Subway tiles are not easy to install......but they looked great paired with the glass tiles.

 Here is my little port hole with a fish trying to swim in!

 I adore this reclaimed lumber look, and it isn't hard to do. Just don't try to figure it out too much, it is like a creative puzzle.
 The shower curtain is very cute, but it hides the pretty tile.
 That's better....
 For the threshold I used some hand made tiles by my good friend Fran Newquist, a fabulous Potter. I want more of these Fran!!! They are so fun to work with. Thank you!
 Toilet paper where to put a toilet holder, but wait, when you shut the door, it is right there and easy to grab. Perfect!
Closer view of the sink.

I always love the learning process involved in these DIY projects. I am not a pro, but I take pride in what I can accomplish. Thanks to Mom for motivating me when things weren't going as planned. Whewww, now onto other projects.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The buzz on a clean porch

Maybe I am a bit of a tree hugger, well I don't like to kill things. I carry spiders outside, I flip crickets across the yard, but I can't outright stomp or squash creatures. As long as they aren't bothering me, I won't bother them. I couldn't stand looking at my dingy porch ceiling and rails any longer and it was time for a cleaning. 
I had one small nest of buzzing yellow jackets in the corner and I tried to stay out of there way. They took the smell of bleach, held on tight while I sprayed the water hose all around them and they didn't move from there nest of pearls. 

Here is the dirty part of the ceiling.
 This is after it is cleaned. All I used was a scrub brush and bleach and water.

 The clean is on the left and look how gray and dirty the right.
 The whole house could use a good scrub, but I see the porch more often walking in and out.
 Very gray and dirty here.
Much better!

 I didn't clean one corner.....I just figure they will be gone soon after the babies hatch and then I can knock it down. I noticed a spider that was their neighbor, wonder who tries to eat who?

There is something about the beauty of nature.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blessings Come in Small Packages

 I do not mean to write a sad blog post, but I just can't 'not' write something about my Crissy Cat. She has been with me this past 8 months and with me every step of the way while I worked on this house. Anytime I was outside cutting something, or carrying lumber, getting anything in or out of my car, she was there. I owe it to her to thank her for her loving support and sometimes her willingness to help me in her own kitty ways.
 Crissy showed up just before Christmas Eve (Crissy) and she was a stray kitty, and a little wild. I tried to find her a home, but no takers. I got her fixed and decided to try her as our pet. She didn't do well inside the house, but she would come in the back porch most nights or if it was raining or too cold. She was a happy outside kitty. She was always ready for breakfast and then dinner, like clock work.
 She would help me walk the dogs, even if we headed blocks down the street, she was right there following us and keeping the poodles in line. She kept all the trees trimmed with her claws and counted the birds for me everyday. One of the birds was actually her buddy and would swoop down to play with her.
Sadly, this morning, Hudson and I found Crissy in my garage after she had been mauled to death by what appeared to be a dog. She was in one piece, but lifeless. We had to go and buy a shovel to bury her under her favorite tree. Hudson made her a cross and I put up a plaque with a little bird on it that read Love. She loved us and was always there for me and I will truly miss her sweet little 
Crissy Meow. 
Most cats are pretty, but Crissy was just stunning and beautiful. Her hair was long and flowing and her eyes glowed with delight. Tears fall on my keyboard as I type this, knowing I won't get to hold her or pet her again. She had a short life, but I am glad I got to spend it with her.
She was a my little blessing.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Old Toilet Turned into Functional Laundry Basket

I have a gorgeous old Victorian Wicker toilet that I just adore. It is meant to slide over a toilet and look elegant, however, the newer toilets are taller and it won't fit. I wanted to use it for something, does look like a chair and the lid opens up. Hmmmmmmmm.
 Her she is in all her Glory
 Pick out some fabric, a little cushion for the seat, staple and glue gun required.
 Cut board to fit over the lid hole.
VOILA! She is grand again!
 I found a basket that slid under it just the right size!
 Close up of seat and details.
 You can barely see the basket which is perfect.
Isn't she a charming Laundry Basket?