Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tiling Kitchen Counter

I spent the past 3 days tiling the kitchen counters. It was a mixture of proudness, frustration and ah-ha moments. I am very proud of my accomplishment, but I didn't believe it would turn out as nice as it did while I was in the process. I was using a basic tile cutter and there is a fine line between not enough water and too much water. I got sparks with too little water and with too much water, I got sprayed with a mixture of water and tile shards. It gave new meaning to the word 'microdermabrasion.'

Ah-ha, I reap the rewards of my labor....I have a new tiled counter top that is very pretty and I can't believe that I actually did it!  I made mistakes and I will be even better at tile on my next project.

Don't you just love my tupper-ware mortar bucket! It was difficult lining up the diamonds and determining where to start the pattern.

I used a neutral beige tile and blended in green glass tiles for a decorative accent. I wanted to blend antiquity with modern elements such as the glass tiles and the brighter colors mixed into the counter top. I chose a design that I felt was elegant and subtle. A diamond pattern with a hint of color in a whimsical speckle of a floral motif, and a border of green glass tiles to frame it in. ( the big gaping hole is for the sink)
A diamond pattern is more challenging than square.

I am not showing the "Full Reveal" but you can see a glimpse of the countertops!   

I want knobs to match the green, I have a few of the left over glass tiles and some old wooden knobs that came off the original cabinets, hmmmm. What can we do with this?           


I cut them in half to form a narrow base and will paint them white, and glue the tiles on top.   
L@@k! new green glass knobs!



  1. Great craftsmanship..craftswomanship, I mean. Gail

  2. I'm loving it! I'm super impressed that you tiled it yourself...I don't know if I could do that. I can't wait to see the whole kitchen when you're finished!