Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1, Investigative Repurposing-The 4 R's

Our first few minutes in the new house and we came in swinging hammers. Most people might want to meet the neighbors, memorize the zip code, or decide which room Grandma will sleep in when she visits, but not me. I needed to investigate what was lying beneath the surface. What architectural treasures were there waiting to be discovered.

On my mind sense we first saw the house,  was the surround on the claw foot tub.Was the tub rusted, legless, un-salvageable?

Bring on the HAMMER!

Hudson was instructed to gently break away the old T & G board, because I had an idea to re-use it...hmmmmmm

Look at that! A perfectly preserved Claw Foot Tub with FEET! All she needs is a little paint and some Golden Feet!

By the next day I had already installed the new back to this Wardrobe with the boards from the Claw Foot!
Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-purpose!

Tip: I did pull out the rusty nails and clear coat the boards so no more chips would fall off or cause anything to get dirty.


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