Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 3, Cool Colors & Cute Culprits!

As a decorative painter, I have chosen so many paint colors for clients, but when it came to my own personal color scheme, I was having a hard time! First Stop, Benjamin Moore store. I can't express enough the difference between Ben Moore paint and any other, It is the best....So I went to the closest Ben Moore represented store called Proffitt Lumber in South Hill VA. This guy looked a little frightened when I asked him if I could take his picture for my blog. We was working away, but stopped to pose for me. I really just wanted his hat, but I think he was flattered overall.

We thumbed through the paint deck and I had an idea of colors and a few other paint chips I had brought along. I knew I needed bright white for the ceilings and saved a little on the 5 gallon bucket. I knew I wanted white trim paint in semi-gloss. I knew I wanted a COOL color scheme, and I was thinking coastal cottage, with aquas and sea foam green. I really want to try a lavender, but it had to be the right color of lavender. M paint mixer did a great job mixing the colors I wanted.   
The first culprit was my dear friend Carlotta, who surprised me by showing up to help out with sanding and modeling paint colors and drawing lay out designs on her graph paper. She is very good at space planning and sharing ideas!

Yes, it is true, I will work for a new pair of shoes, but with the new house, I might want to reconsider that!
Here is the other culprit, who really didn't want to be there with all that work going on. She helped sand a little, but mostly licked up drywall dust.

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