Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 6, Thinking Outside the Light Bulb

Let's Talk Period Lighting....I bought an old house, yes, so I need lighting in various rooms and you have to consider the Era of the house and the style of lighting. This house was built somewhere between 1870-1900. Even if  I or YOU, didn't have an old house, you could still enjoy period lighting mixed into your eclectic decor. So, I sat and thought for a moment, with a light bulb balancing over my head in mid air, no doubt, and I wondered what type of lighting do I really like......tick tock tick tock tick tock.....thinking.....

I decided that the terms 'Time Worn' and 'Charming' and 'Unpretentious' were descriptive words to what style I preferred. I would describe it as a cross between Period Basic and Art Nouveau. Blending utility with an artistic flare that is straightforward and functional. Did I just send you a motivating surge to pick out a new pendant?

Headed to the Restore (Habitat) in Raleigh to search for lights. They had a great selection of used lights and many older ones, which I was looking for.

 This is hanging in the kitchen. I still have to paint the ceiling, but I couldn't see when I took the old light down.
This is my office & art studio and a little inspiration to create something.....
This light is hanging in the Family room with the Marina Bay Benjamin Moore Wall color. The fireplace hole cover was strangely a similar shade of green and in the house!

 I did the wiring and hanging, it wasn't easy, I had to piece a few parts together, but it was worth it! I would get it all wired up, then realize I forgot a nut or chain link and had to re-do each light at least once!

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