Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 4-Going Green

As I peel away the layers of this old house, I try to keep in mind what can be re-purposed or face lifted. Anything that I can keep and use, I will try to keep in the remodeling plans. I think it is important to our environment and it also instills the integrity of the old house charm.

On this day, I found Bead Board underneath the acoustic ceiling in the kitchen. I was very happy to discover that underlying re-usable surface. I love the old weathered looking boards, they have something very charming about them. I get tired of drywall, there are other options and more interesting surfaces. 
Can't do much with the acoustic tile, it feels very crumbly, like it will bio-degrade quickly. We hope! There are programs by Armstrong and Winroc to recycle old ceiling tiles into new ones, but I didn't find this out until after I threw them in the dump. I think they are made of paper, so that makes me feel a little better.
Now to pull out about 500 staples and we can start to Paint it!
One of the colors I chose for a few rooms is Marina Bay, by Benjamin Moore. It is in between Aqua and Green and has a very pleasant calming hue.It doesn't really match anything I have, but I want to start with the paint as my primary color in the room. It's kind of like buying a pair of earrings that you like, then looking for an outfit to match it. Must be an Artist thing....
Look at that, I recycled a piece of the ceiling tile to use as a paint tray, maybe I can paint a picture on it too!

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