Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 1, Part 2, Paint Everything!

Look at this Gorgeous Knotty Pine Cabinetry in the kitchen and throughout the dining room! NOT! I can't wait to get it painted, but I totally admire the quality of this fine wood. I love the scallop edges on the cabinets and they will look so good in white! Bright White, I think so.

                                 Here is the Dining Room in wall to wall Knotty Pine. Can't wait to get                                           my  roller on that room! 

      Here are the critters checking out the place, wonder what is up there? Look at that classic stair case!

 This is how I check out the under lying floor. In the kitchen behind the frig....I was hoping for hard wood but it looks pretty rough, so we will go with new flooring, maybe black & white checkered tiles?
 Most of the floors look like this, but we had to scrape up the old padding that was stuck to the floor.Wucky!

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