Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Mint Green Cottage Lake-y Kitchen

I can't stop thinking about the kitchen in the new house. I want it to be cottage style, old fashioned, charming and a little Lake-y. I don't want it to look drap or colorless. I love White cabinets, so I am sure the cabinets will get painted. I found some green fish glass knobs and I want the counter top to be light in color and interesting. I found some minty green tiles to use as accent and maybe blend them with pale tumble stone tiles.

I adore this kitchen:
kit2.jpg (image)

This was sent to me by my friend Carlotta, who totally "gets" what I am looking for!

Or how about this stove??

Why be boring when you can be imaginative and get the look you really want!

I love the saying that Antonio Ballatore uses as a slogan for his show The Antonio Treatment http://www.antonioballatore.com/the-antonio-treatment/ "Go Big or Go Home!"

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