Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 2, What Lies Beneath the Surface

You never know what you will find underneath things in an old house. There were big rugs on the floor covering the very nice hardwood, , but when we went to roll up the old rugs to clean, the padding was stuck to the floor. I think they were just old and had dry rotted and started to crumble and break down. My son Hudson was a trooper, on his hands and knees scraping it off. Look at his pile! This earned him a new XBOX game!
 Here is Jordan and Hudson both scraping and cleaning up the powdered mess.
 In another room, we started to pick at the painted wallpaper, OOPS! It was holding up some plaster! The holes got a little bigger, but no worries, a little drywall patch, a lot of mud, sanding, primer, and paint on it's way!                                           Yes, I am working in a dress, it happens!
 This was a first for me! Concrete patching on the inside of the house. It was sticking out in a lumpy fashion and I knocked it down and out so I can get some drywall mud on it!
My Tips: Scrape it off, dig it out, get the bad stuff off the walls, then you can repair it with drywall pieces cut out to match the holes, then mud. I will have to screw into the plaster slat boards to brace it. I will post pics of this process for you!

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  1. What a project! Truly a labor of love! It will be great when you get down to the bare bones and start to add your touches!