Monday, January 2, 2012

More Tea for 2012

I wanted a simple resolution that meant something more...Health is Wealth. I read that statement on the bottle of my vitamins and thought about it...I want to stay healthy over all other wishes. So, I thought, I have always wanted to kick the caffeine and skip the coffee, but I love warm drinks in the morning. Tea! That is the answer, more Tea! I hope I can stick to it, as it will be a change for me. A dear friend was listening when I was muttering these ideas out loud one day and gave me a darling Tea Pot for Christmas. I plan to put it to good use!

A slow down in process, but yet, still there is progress. With the Holiday season we slowed a bit on the home improvement, but still did a little work on the upstairs bedroom we will call 'Hudson's Room'.  Soon, you will get to see a mural progression, but for now, we are just trying to get it under brush....which requires a lot of behind the scenes work.

 At first, we had to sand the floors, well...let me back up, I did make a mistake of sequence. I wanted to paint the walls and ceiling so bad that I started painting, then when I went to sand, it went EVERY where, so I had to halt the painting. My advice, sand floors first before painting walls. Clean up is a bear!
 Look at the dust that is coming off the belt sander. It took 20 sanding pads to do the floor and hours of strenuous hand sanding on our hands and knees. My Mom,  my daughter and myself all took turns on this. Our obliques are kickin!
 The soon to be mural wall. Remember, this was the WALLPAPER room you saw before! The transformation is amazing!

 The fireplace wall is covered and leveled. We will use some crown molding at top to close up the uneven gaps at the top.
 Let me hear you say, "WOW"! Yes, that is the after of the floor sanding. It still needs stained and sealed, but WOW!!!!! 100 year old pine floors, nothing compares!
 I will be drinking Tea while gazing upon this room as it develops into a masterpiece! Stay tuned for the Mural!

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