Monday, December 12, 2011

No Way to Pretty this Up!

 100 year old wallpaper....enough said. It is paper thin, applied to plaster walls that is like scraping it off chalk. It took about 8-10 hours to peel it all, I lost count. There are a few cracks in the wall, but overall, it is in pretty good shape. I used warm water and a little Dawn in my spray bottle. I heavily sprayed the walls down and then used a scraper to scrape it off.

My arms, shoulders and back are going to be looking 'Smokin Hot' muscular! If you want to get into shape, try this at home!

 I tried to make the pictures prettier with roses!
 I filled up 2 tall kitchen trash bags with paper.
 Starting to make progress, here.

 Exposing the Cracks
This area will be covered in drywall because of the old fireplace. I removed the door facing so the drywall will be behind the trim work. We have to run electric into this room as there are NO outlets AT ALL!

Summerwheat was with me the whole time, offering up her supervisory skills and dog knowledge.
 It was her idea to add the roses into the pictures.

Beauty among the ruins.....

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