Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mural Mural on the Wall

The walls are ready for the Mural! First let me tell you that our heater ran out of oil and we have no heat. It is about 40 degrees in the house, but don't worry the oil is being delivered tomorrow.
                                                     The Show Must Go On!
That is why I am in a hat & gloves, not because that is my Artistic Getup!

Hudson loves the Halo video game and he wants that to be the theme of his room. I am more of a rose painter, but hey, what's the difference between flowers and a big Halo Army guy to paint? Paint is paint! I will take you through my steps of how I go about planning out and painting a mural. Try to keep up!

 First, we had to pick just the right picture from the game and this was approved by Hudson and I liked the blue background which would work in his room.
 This is a short cut for getting my shapes down. I just placed the paper right over the computer screen to outline my image. Any good artist needs a good reference. When you are going to enlarge your image onto a wall, this will help.
 It will look something like this. No details needed yet, so don't worry if your drawing is sketchy.

 To the Wall.... I draw what I call a grid. I draw it on the paper and on the wall. The grid will help place my objects in a correct composition from my smaller image.
 Notice the squares on the paper. I will use these as guides when I draw it on the wall. For example, see the planet shape, it is in the middle grid towards the left a little. I will place it in the same grid on the wall.
 It was hard to photograph, but I used a white charcoal pencil to lightly sketch my layout. It is easy to wipe off or modify. You can use chalk too. I don't want to use pencil because it can bleed into my paint.
I used a light white wash outline with paint to strengthen my images so I can get a spacial view of the mural.
 I can tweak the design and get the right proportions at this point. I don't want to lay down any heavy paint just yet, until I have my perfect drawing. That's as far as I got. Stay tuned.......

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