Sunday, January 22, 2012

Halo Mural in Black & White

The next step here is to block in the dark & light values. I am simply using black & white paint and some gray tones. This will help give the mural dimension and depth. I don't have to get too caught up on the details here, but I can play with the overall idea with black, white and variation of grays to give me the basic design.

 No need for color just yet, it will come after the value painting is in good shape.
 Hudson has to get in on the action.
 I asked him to place the gun details, cause that is not my forte.

 His assistant is front and center!
 He is doing a great job.
 Coming together, complete with his #1 fan!
 I can tweak things from this point, but at least my road map is there as a guide to bring the mural to life!

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