Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Countertop & Old School Tools

If you see my tools, you won't believe the work I have accomplished with them. I say it is 'OLD SCHOOL', but that is just a clever way of saying you don't have nice equipment or new skills! HaHa! The drill is electric, but it doesn't reverse, which is difficult when trying to work quickly. It will send the screws in, but if you have to back it out to get it in tighter, you have to use a regular screwdriver. I was driving in 3 inch wood screws! Eeeeek!

Things we can never find when we need them:
The right headed screwdriver
Measure tape
Wire Cutters

Get a tool box!!! Helloooo! That would be a start.

 Regardless, I get the job done, anyway, anyhow.....

 I wanted to extend the counter top to accommodate a dishwasher. So I built a frame, a top and a back splash to get it ready to tile.

I did re-use 2X4's, pulled the extremely long nails out of them.

I just absolutely can not wait to TILE!

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