Monday, October 10, 2011

All jacked up & dontcha think it's fate?

Interesting title? Well, let me explain, first of all, I just can't believe that I actually found faded pink roses in my yard! Look how sweet & beautiful they are!
The jacked up part? Oh, girls, you are gonna love this! Don't ever believe that just because you are a girl that you are limited by your abilities when it comes to strength. If you can't lift it yourself, think....what can you use? Your brain! What can lift a heavy item for you besides a strappin man, ( when there isn't one around)
A JACK! That is right, I actually pulled my car jack out to lift the cast iron kitchen sink out of it's place!
I used the paint bucket as a surface to jack up the sink!

Where did it go?
There it is...jacked up and moved out! Make way for a new light weight acrylic sink. Don't get me wrong, I love antique sinks, but this one was rusted and scratched and not pretty. I have plans to use it for a utility sink for rinsing brushes.

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