Thursday, July 5, 2012

All mixed up, but it's OK! Mixing Fabrics

I saved Hudson's baby bed which is an old iron bed. I took the front part off so it is now a little coach or maybe even a small day bed. I wanted to mix it into my back porch which has a lot of fun colors bouncing around in there. I had a lot of scrap fabrics of different colors so I began to piece them together in a patchwork style pattern. I made a slip cover to fit the mattress so it could be removed and cleaned.

 Even though the patterns are all different, they all have some aqua in them and they blend together.
 Even the red color pillow fit once I added a rolled rose in the aqua fabric.

 The black and white floor goes with most anything and it is such a cozy room. The pink lights give it a glow!

I even mixed up the flowers yellow & red in a vintage green grease container. 
Have fun with fabrics and try Mixing it Up!


  1. what a gorgeous little corner!! my favorite is the twinkling lights! :)

    1. Thank you, I love the lights too, especially at night, it is a pink glow.