Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Victorian Couch Makeover to Beach Cottage Chic!

I had this old Victorian Couch that I got at an Auction 8 years ago and have been lugging it around through my moving. It finally has a home and I have a plan for it! I wanted the Beach Cottage look, not the traditional Victorian style.  First, I attached the stuffing as close a fit as I could. There was plenty of it, but it had to fit in all the right places. I stapled this on.
 Then I began to staple the fabric on in the creases of the couch and around the arms and backing.
I wanted to paint the couch.... The brown was too traditional.

I had some gorgeous rope trim I was dying to use and I wanted that Beach Cottage look...
 I painted the couch white, and then began adding the rope around the edges, which hid the staples and unfinished edges of the couch.

 WOW! Isn't she gorgeous?
 As you can see here, Lil Dog thinks she found a new bed, NOT!
I made a little knotted rose on the ends because they had been broken off and didn't match. This hid the imperfection. I think it looks Beach Cottage Chic!


  1. Love the makeover, it looks amazing . . . and, let Lil Dog stay, she looks so comfy.

    1. If Lil Dog gets to sleep there, then the cats think they can sleep there too!

    2. Hi Traci! Decided to stop by to see what's new :-) I'm glad I did because this transformation is AWESOME! I love it! Good job my friend!!!