Saturday, July 14, 2012

Old Toilet Turned into Functional Laundry Basket

I have a gorgeous old Victorian Wicker toilet that I just adore. It is meant to slide over a toilet and look elegant, however, the newer toilets are taller and it won't fit. I wanted to use it for something, does look like a chair and the lid opens up. Hmmmmmmmm.
 Her she is in all her Glory
 Pick out some fabric, a little cushion for the seat, staple and glue gun required.
 Cut board to fit over the lid hole.
VOILA! She is grand again!
 I found a basket that slid under it just the right size!
 Close up of seat and details.
 You can barely see the basket which is perfect.
Isn't she a charming Laundry Basket?

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