Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dream Bathroom amazing transformation!


The glass tile came out very well. We did have to scrape a lot of glue, but it was worth it!

 It's all in the details. I really love the look of patina green, so I added this as my bright color contrast throughout the bathroom. I used the bird knobs because I have a lot of them and they are darling and look great on just about anything and are paintable.

 The shower curtain had to be extra long, so I sewed a topper on it in a burlap color.
 more glass tiles in the shower with green fishies
 I didn't use the black and white tile, but the checkered look won us over in a beige tone.
 Here is a shell sconce, it looks great on the wall color. I will just stick a candle in it instead of wiring it. Courtesy of Carlotta!
 This light is over the toilet. It looks coastal.
 Here is the vanity light, again, coastal and sand colored.

 I love how the glass tiles dance in the light with the circles in the shower curtain!
View looking the other direction. The lay out came out very nice. I am still adding artistic touches and other decorating, but it is mostly finished.
 I wanted the medallion to match the distressed look of the mirror so I touched it up with some paint. Since it is plastic I had to hit the edges to look like they were worn.
I altered this chandelier to make it look more aged with patina and to match the other accents.

Other accents, toilet paper holder is made from a boat basket I mounted on the wall and adjusted the handle to allow the roll. 

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