Monday, May 7, 2012

Shower Stall Install

 I am checking to make sure this piece fits. Measure twice, cut once. (or three times).
 How many more boxes do I have to open?
 Here is Jordan (my daughter) scraping off some dried mortar. She was a big help in this whole process!
 Mortar on the back of the tile. Messy, messy.
 Here is the pattern. I only had 4 fish to work with, so they are randomly placed in the border and not symmetrical. Fish have a mind of their own.
 Almost there.....
Finally we are at the stage of the shower stall. I used the same beige tiles that are on the floor and added a decorative design with left over glass tiles from the sink. I had 4 ceramic fish that I put into the border for a little more interest. 

It was hard trying to figure out the pattern of the large squares because there was nothing square about the entire stall. Everything was off a bit because it is an old house and the framing was framed as well as it could have been. Sometimes you just have to go with it. After it is grouted, most people will only notice the decorative design and not the flaws of the tile lines. 

Applying tile on a wall is a lot more difficult and messy. I tried to mortar the back of the tile first, before placing it on the wall. If you put the mortar on the wall and then place the tile, the mortar falls and goes everywhere. I will post the finish look shortly. Thanks for reading!

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