Saturday, September 24, 2011

The walls...come tumbling tumblin'

The kitchen is still in process, but while we are waiting, why not multi task right? Right! The living room is almost ready to be primed, we thought..... My Mom, just tugged on one little piece of lose wall paper and it started a huge mess! We had mudded over painted on wallpaper, but some of the plaster behind all of this was crumbling and came tumbling. We already repaired this same type of situation on another wall, so it is only a minor set back. Here are some images of the wall and the paper and the tumbling!

That is my Mom peeling away! It is best to at least get the loose plaster off, then we can patch.
Notice the white paint over the plaster on the shelves, we tested an area to see how it would look and it will look great when it is done! What should I do with this fireplace? Hmmmm.....Ideas? Mirror, shells, art, tiles...??
Notice the new drywall mud on top of the old paper mess that we had to take down, darn it.
Look at that lovely old wallpaper, I am pretty sure it is at least 100 years old.


  1. OMG. This brings back memories of 1976 when we were redoing our old house and plaster kept coming off so we had to go all the way to the lathe which was stuffed with mortar made with
    horsehair, leaves, twigs and anything else they could find to bind it all together. There were bones, animal skeletons, snake skin, the works.

    I envy your project but not nostalgic. Past my prime for redo although the plaster in my bedroom, which was never redone, gets patch after every few years. James just did it a few months ago.

  2. WE found some bones & pecans in the wall today!