Friday, September 9, 2011

Heavy Tiles, Kitchen Coming Along

There has been so much happening, I can't say what day it is that these items took place, so I might start to call it Weeks instead! So this would be the 3rd Week, I think.....
 Tiles are HEAVY!!! 20 boxes unloaded.... I think they are 50 lbs a piece.
 The poodle tried to help, but she just got in the way.
 Before...... Had to use 5 tubes of Caulk, primer, paint, then some more primer, then more paint....
 Coming along, but not the finished product.
Beginning to paint the knotty pine cabinets.

TIP** I am using a spray on primer for the inside of the cabinets so I can see what I am painting. It helps give it a beginning hard surface and covers stains. Then I do a coat of paint on primer, then 2-3 coats of cabinet trim paint in semi-gloss.

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  1. Congratulations Traci! The place looks adorable already. Love these posts... it is so fun to watch your progress and cannot wait to see it complete and in person. Cheri