Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rolling Right Along

The master bath and bedroom are underway. All the walls are painted in the bathroom, the tile floors are done and the plumbing is all hooked up. I have spent some time caulking and rolling the ceilings. I wanted to share my roller tip. I am using a :

Slit High-Capacity Foam Roller Cover

The slits allow the roller to hold more paint and also get into the tongue and groove lines.

The roller is heavy and I have broken two rolling poles using it! Makes a big difference in the job.
You can see the lines well here. See the cabinet in the background? We pinned and nailed it back together, painted it white and it looks great in the bathroom!

 Whisper is making sure all the plumbing is working well!



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  2. You really should give Whisper a better water fountain.



    You make me purrr.