Thursday, March 29, 2012

Toying with Tile

We have finished tiling the Master Bath floor. The next step is deciding on the decorative tile that will be used in the shower stall and on top the vanity. I got the vanity for free because someone was remodeling and didn't want it. I had to cut the top to make each end match evenly because it had been mounted against a wall on one side. I was playing with a design on the vanity that I call a RANDOM pattern using the left over tiles I already had. I was placing the tiles in a pattern that would look naturally symmetrical without being regimented. Did that make sense? I didn't want a perfectly lined up pattern of even matched tiles on each side. That is just too boring and dull. This pattern creates interest and it is playful!
This is the glass tile that I really want to use on the vanity. I love that circle shapes, and it has an iridescent glow to it and it looks like bubbles.

 The other ares is the shower stall, the threshold and the shower floor. I will use the larger tiles as the wall base, but again, I want some interest in there and I was toying with this black and white checkered pattern for the threshold. It is funky and it draws your eye to the fact that there is a step there. I have some other ceramic fish and shells and I plan to do something with them too. Hmmmmm.....
The toilet is in place! I love this little, well I call it the Pooper Nook! HAHA! It gives you a little privacy if someone else is in there with you. The view out the window is of the rooftop and Church steeple. It is a great little nook. I need Art and a basket full of magazines! 
Also, notice the trim....we are using the same 1X 8 inch trim that matches the older trim in the house. We still have to apply quarter round, but it is looking great!

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