Saturday, March 3, 2012

The feeling of In-tiled-ment.

Thursday, my day began with a on my own huge list of projects which seemed ever so overwhelming and never ending, or help a friend in need. I chose the latter. Sometimes, we get so caught up in our own lives and we feel so entitled to get our own personal tasks done, that we don't always notice that others may need our help. There was a friend that needed some help getting a small home together in  a couple of days and asked me to come paint. So I did and was glad to do it. I went and painted for them for about 7 hours, then I drove home. I had already made plans with my Mom to tile this evening so part two of my day began at 6pm. We tiled the rest of the bathroom floor up until 11 p.m.

The image of my hands and pants reflects all the hard work I did in one day, but the impression in my heart to give my time to a friend in need will stay with me for a lifetime.

"Define us not by what we have done for ourselves, but what we do for others." ~ Me (unless it was a quote that I  was unaware of it's existence.)

 Hudson was sick and missed  a day of school and had a lot of makeup work, so while Mom was busy tiling, he wanted to be near by in case he needed help, so there he sits amongst the work.
 This is my crazy tile helper, who wanted to remain anonymous. Well, it's my Mom, but she didn't want her picture taken.
 Actually she moves so fast, I couldn't capture her.
 Tile cutter on the roof at night, with a night light.
 Lil Dog is very confused about why I am out there on the roof, in the dark, so late.
 Messy, messy!
I kept working until we cut the last tile. I was determined to get it done. There are only so many hours in a day and we need to get this tile job done so we can move on with the project.

It was a long day, but worth every minute. 12 hours of hard labor between the painting and the tiling. Wheeeww.

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