Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Flowers are in full Bloom!

 Yes, there is work being done on the house and YES, I will post some updates very soon, but for now, please enjoy some lovely photos of my yard and Spring!
 Have you ever seen such a gorgeous colored bush?
 I see a pretty birdie!
 Not sure what this bush is, but it is breathtaking!
 These are my stray cat beauties that love to romp through the flower bushes!
 Figs are growing.
 Snow ball bush?
 Pretty kitty with bright yellow eyes.
 Hudson was seeing if these smelled nice.

Hudson took this picture of me, I look a little tired, well, I am tired. But very happy!
 The combination of the dogwood, redbud & pom pom tree is just gorgeous!

Dogwood, in front of my cute garage.


  1. The kitty is up for adoption if you are interested! 8 months old and fixed!

  2. The garden looks splendid. Beautiful photos.