Friday, February 24, 2012

A Tiler on the roof. Sounds crazy, no?

I hope a tiler on the roof is steadier than a fiddler on the roof or my bathroom floor will look dreadful!
If I could play a fiddle I would try to play it on the roof! I know I am glowing terracotta red! A little sun, a little tile dust.

 It was a beautiful day yesterday and I decided to move the tile cutter to the roof so I could be closer to the bathroom I was tiling. I don't have a fancy tile cutter, but it cuts tile. Tiling isn't easy and tiling on a diagonal is even harder. Keeping the tiles lined up and making unusual cuts is tricky.

 The tiles had a terracotta clay color back side so I had red clay splattered all over my face and hair and the roof!

 Lil' dog couldn't understand why I was on the roof, she kept saying Roof Roof?
From the outside looking in....

Great song, take a listen!  

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