Monday, December 5, 2011

I admit it, I am crazy for Kris Kringle and Christmas decorating. My only goal is to be unique and different from the "norm." I guess it is the artist in me. Yes, that is why........
 A vintage Creamy Dreamy Pink Icing Candle!!!!
 Here is my fix for the broken spoon & fork...hoping to add to my spoon & fork tree!!
 Got an early Christmas gift from my friend Carlotta, a polka dot green oven mitt!
 My pink flowers are STILL blooming,,,,love them!
 Who's tree looks like this???? I am loving my pink bubble gum lights from my FAB sis in law NATALIE!!!
Vintage Mother Marys
 Looking a bit lived in??? It is hard to take a picture of my window during the daylight because the window is so bright, but I love my window treatment! Vibrant Fabric & flashy green fringe!
 Here are festive goodies, vintage elephant, Holy Robin cup!
 Some of my favorite people from Christmas cards! Wink wink!
 OMG, I have spices in the cabinet, I think i have MOVED in!!!!!
 Are those utensils? Oh Joy to the World!
Love the angel & vintage grape salt & pepper shakers!

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