Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Mural

What fun I have had in the past few weeks painting! It is rare I get to do a large mural and I was lucky enough to find a client that requested a Garden Mural in a Hallway of their Bed and Breakfast. After studying garden magazines and books from the library I mapped out a plan. Rose Arbor here, birdhouse there, clouds, sky and a sign that reads Garden Room with vine letters and a cartouche.

I started at the bottom and worked my way upwords and adjusted my composition as I went along. The biggest trick to painting a mural is to step back away from your work periodically and look at it from far away. That helps put things in prospective. It is very physical work, even though it appears like you may be sitting still in one spot for hours. But you have to hold certain poses and be steady and you have to use your balance and have muscle control. Your eyes get weary, your back and neck stiff, but the reward is grand.

A quote from one of my favorite artists and muralist Graham Rust

"From Cottage to Castle, there is always a place for a mural decoration; it can transform darkness into light, the humdrum into the exotic; it can lift the spirits of the meanest room and visually transport the occupants into another world."

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