Thursday, August 20, 2009

I hope to bring you some romantic decorating ideas that are fresh and whimsical! I love faded pink colors and old faded tea stain colors, white washed, pale hues of blue and green. Angels, cherubs, roses, faded letters........

this is the start of something very special to my heart. I want to create beautiful things for the home and have an avenue to sell them to you. I will post pictures here and you may contact me for purchase. I will also have my Etsy avatar where you can purchase from Etsy.

Other services offered, I can cottage decorate your home using what you have or help you shop for furniture, choose the right paint color, paint a mural or rose splash or bird's nest on your wall or cabinets. Contact me for a quote! working on my pricing now....stay tuned

Live in the home you have desired! Shabby it up! This is your Sweet cottage home!

I love unpretentious things that were meant to look old and be chippy and faded, that is dreamy.

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